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SDA provide the secure login for customers and clients as a value added service. Customers are to maintain login passwords in a safe place and not allow employees of the customer/client to use the secure login with out permission. Misuse of the system will result in the loss of this service. Customer Feedback.

Southern Data Automation, Inc. always appreciates feedback from its customers/clients on ways to improve services, the general website, the secure website, and associates. Please send feedback to or call 256-546-4010.

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Privacy Policy

Customer information

Customer information is not distributed or given to anyone other than those people or entities specifically named by the customer. Address information, company email addresses, company phone numbers, fax numbers, company owners names, CEO names, partners names, and cell phone numbers are not released to other parties.

Customer Trade Secrets and/or Confidential Information

SDA or its associates will not in anyway, form, or fashion disclose customer secrets and confidential information.

SDA Trade Secrets and/or Confidential Information

Clients will now allow SDA trade secrets and/or confidential information to be disclosed to any entity without the express written approval of Southern Data Automation, Inc.

Privacy Policy failures

All clients and/or SDA associates that suspect that the privacy policy is being ignored, please call 256-546-4010 or email

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